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Darcy Meeker
104 Countryside Ct.
Blacksburg VA 24060


1. Copper/aluminum wall sculpture – 2 ½ hours to 2 ½ days long. Tooling, painting, torching, presentation, cleaning, caring for.

2. Copper/Aluminum Ornament Experience, works as a class, or as a fun experience at an art center event.

3. Copper/aluminum/mixed-media Earrings - a 2 ½ hour fun time with copper, paints and findings, suitable for teens and up. Hot plates help color.

4. Webbed/Salted Silk Scarves - 2 ½ hours and requiring overnight drying before scarves can be removed and ironed at home to set the color. Wonderful colors and textures. Very freeing.

5. Gouache Swash, 2 1/2 hours of palette-knife play with gooey gouache straight from the tube on wet, heavy, textured water-color paper; supply costs are high for this one – we do several postcards, then two quarter sheets with the best quality gouache.

6. Carving Soft Stone – 2 ½ hours to 2 ½ days using soapstone and/or alabaster. I have extra tools, stone, polishing stuff, carpet placemats to control dust.

All classes get plenty of technical support and training, and they all develop individuals’ abilities to foster creativity in themselves and in others.

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