Pink daisy on metal

fine art by Darcy Meeker

Welcome to my fine art gallery and web store featuring stone sculpture and metal works of art.  I have been creating art for decades and it has been my life’s journey to promote art that includes a sense of wonderment.  I hope that you agree, my metal sculpture is very unique and want to include it in your collection.  All of my metal sculptures come with a story about the many faces and tones used in each art piece.  Please don’t hesitate to ask me about a piece that you are interested in.  I am a strong believer that any art purchase should come with a relationship, even if only for a brief moment.  I would love for you to get to know me and learn from my story.

Stone sculpture has been a beacon in my life because creating it has helped me cope with many personal struggles.  Many years ago, after being diagnosed with muscular dystrophy, I dove into this medium in order to find myself once again.  I was able to come to terms with reality and learned to love each piece and its message.  I have since suffered a stroke but none of this has dimmed my light because I continue to find new ways to express myself through my creativity.

Before becoming a professional artist, I worked as a science journalist and public relations expert.  I was also quilter and photographer but later found sculpture and quit my day job. Alabaster, copper, aluminum, pewter, silk, ceramic, encaustic and paint dance in my world.

Darcy Meeker Bio Picture The goal with public art is dramatic impact and attention to intricate detail. The details are meant as a reward for leisurely perusal. With this approach, the viewer gets something from a glance and something more profound from careful consideration.

Schedule 2022

Due to Covid-19 unpredictability we are not releasing any event dates as of yet.
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Other Art Projects by Darcy Meeker

The color project photo booth

The Color Project

A kinetic fine art experience comprised of projective, refractive and reflective 3D installations.  It’s a new way of exploring the world around us, in color.  We welcome you to experience the compelling nature of light wave frequencies.  The Color Project features our Photo Booth,

The CHROMILLUMINATOR photo booth is enclosed in a wooden structure that reduces outside sensory and perceptual stimuli. The software was developed by our design team to cycle through nine color combinations. The process uses the participant’s skin as the reflective surface for the projected light. 

lollipops installation public art in the rain Fine Art - The Lollipops

The Lollipops

These art installations use light and reflection in order to provide an interactive art experience. The Lollipops are airbrushed convex mirrors which are then mounted on posts.  Each Lollipop has handles that turn 360 degrees, allowing colors to blend, causing delight and surprise to the participant. The Lollipops are fabricated with industrial grade materials intended for permanent or temporary installation.

These can be purchased or rented for an event or public installation.